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Twistin' it Up! Red Stick Farmers Market

We're twistin' it up tomorrow at the Red Stick Farmers Market! This is a gig we've worked for many years, and it's always been a blast. I just love seeing all of the local vendors coming together in Baton Rouge... and tomorrow's event is dedicated to pollinators! Even bee-tter!

Chris, my father and the current owner of The Party Artist, would always do these (with my sister, Samantha, filling in sporadically); however, since I and my husband, Jared, moved back to Louisiana, we've been in on the action too!

My husband is still new in the balloon game (2 years of experience), so these weekly community events have been great practice for him. He's got a pretty substantial list as it is (more than me! But I'll excuse myself since my real passion is face painting), but of course he's always looking to add more designs to his repertoire. I think he's hoping to some day surpass my dad... which might be a long journey! *Laughs*

I'm super blessed to have found a guy who loves this profession as much as the rest of my family. ❤️

Anyhow... I digress. 😄 My main point of this post was - Jared will be there tomorrow with FREE balloons (tips welcome, but not required!) for the community! Come get your twist on and give my husband some practice.

It's going to bee a BEE-utiful day - come and join us!

Balloon Twisting

April 15th, Saturday

9:15am - 12pm

BEE there!

(I'm sorry, I just had to excessively use puns. It's part of my nature.)

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